The professional electricians at My Neighbourhood Electrician Sydney are experts in electrical faultfinding. Whether you are experiencing residential electrical problems or commercial electrical faults, we can help you. When it comes to finding electrical faults, experience is crucial. Our knowledgeable licenced electricians save time and money, delivering outstanding service every time. We routinely resolve faults in electrical circuits, home appliances and industrial machines, and a host of other applications. No matter the type of electrical fault or the size of your building, we can help you.

Need A Professional For Electrical Fault Finding?


The team at My Neighbourhood Electrician carries out a proven process for fast and effective electrical faultfinding. When carrying out commercial or industrial electrical faultfinding, our licenced electricians establish your company's rules regarding electrical use and troubleshooting on arrival. This ensures that our services comply with internal regulations as well as legal specifications and safety standards.


Additional steps in the electrical faultfinding process include:

  • Careful observation
  • Investigation of the electrical problem
  • Establishing whether external or additional factors influence the fault
  • Preparing an accurate quote before seeking your approval for carrying out repairs

Observation and investigation are crucial to the fault-finding process because the conditions under which electrical faults occur can indicate underlying problems. Our experienced certified electricians always establish whether external or additional factors cause or worsen the electrical faults under investigation. The My Neighbourhood Electrician Sydney team provides clients with accurate quotes before carrying out repairs to ensure that our clients know what to expect when they receive their bills. In addition, knowing when to expect the work to be completed allows you to plan around the interruption to your electricity supply.

The My Neighbourhood Electricianelectrical faultfinding service is available to business and residential clients throughout Sydney. Our company has an outstanding reputation and our certified electricians provide excellent customer service and workmanship you can trust. Best of all, our rates are reasonable and our services affordable.


Electrical faults can cause fires and damage to property as well as severe injury or death. Do not attempt to find and repair electrical faults if you are not a certified electrician. Our experienced employees have the knowledge and equipment required to find and resolve electrical problems quickly, safely, and effectively. If you are experiencing electrical faults at home or at work, contact us to find out how we can assist you. Leave electrical faultfinding to the professionals to ensure that your supply or appliances are back in working order as quickly and safely as possible.

If you require a professional electrical fault finding service, contact My Neighbourhood Electrician Sydney any time. Our electricians can visit you at a time you choose or our emergency electrician can attend to your out-of-hours needs.

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