Repeated voltage spikes in business premises are not only annoying to employees, but can also affect your bottom line.


Voltage spikes can cause system downtime, damage to valuable equipment and machinery, and permanent loss of important data. Effective power surge protection prevents voltage spikes and promotes the smooth operation of your business. Surge protection is an important component of business risk management. Contact My Neighbourhood Electrician Sydney today to learn how we can help you protect profits and minimise risk.

Power Surge Protection And Surge Suppression

My Neighbourhood Electrician serves business customers across Sydney. We stock a range of surge suppression equipment, and our knowledgeable electricians can help you find the perfect surge protectors for your household, office, or commercial premises. Although some electronic equipment comes with integrated surge protectors, do not assume this is a standard feature.

surge-protection2A power surge occurs when power supply in a 230-volt line is in excess of 253 volts for half a cycle. This type of voltage spike can damage the internal circuits of electronic equipment because these components are not designed to absorb the high voltage. Effective power surge suppression, like that offered by My Neighbourhood Electrician Sydney, safeguards your equipment and appliances, preventing damage and data loss.

Devices with integrated surge protectors divert the extra electricity into the power point's grounding wire. The surge suppressor forms a barrier between the power source and the device, regulating uneven power flow in the process. Discrete power surge protectors work in much the same way. These devices can have several outputs for plugging in multiple devices or appliances.

The knowledgeable and experienced licenced electricians at My Neighbourhood Electrician Sydney can help you protect your costly electrical appliances against damage caused by power surges. We offer expert advice for residential and commercial clients. Do not ignore voltage spikes - small, frequent spikes slowly damage appliances and electronic devices such as telephones, computers, TVs, refrigerators, and home entertainment systems. You may not notice the slow deterioration of the circuits in these devices until they fail. Installing surge suppressors keeps your electronics in top condition.

My Neighbourhood Electrician Sydney provides:

  • Transient voltage surge suppressors
  • Surge protectors with single and multiple power outlets
  • Products that are easy to install and maintain
  • Power surge protectors that shut down automatically when they reach their maximum protection capacity
  • Surge suppressors with bright indicator lights that indicate the status of the power supply and act as alarms when voltage problems occur

Contact My Neighbourhood Electrician today via phone or email to find out how we can help you protect your home or business electronics. Our qualified electricians can guide you in choosing the most effective surge protection system for your needs.

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