My Neighbourhood Electrician offers quality switchboard upgrades to commercial and residential clients across Sydney. An outdated or faulty switchboard not only causes inconvenient power outages, but also endangers the lives of your family, staff, or tenants. If your switchboard has loose breakers, cannot keep up with your electricity demands, or is simply old and past its sell-by date, contact our expert Sydney switchboard repair service to arrange an electrical inspection today.

A switchboard upgrade is an essential safety requirement

Old switchboards are notoriously prone to short circuits and have fuses that easily catch fire. Electrical fire spreads quickly, endangering the lives of the occupants of buildings. Failing to perform a switchboard upgrade endangers your life and the life of your family. Modern switchboards come with safety features such as RCDs and circuit breakers that trip at the slightest hint of electrical leakage. In addition to an increased risk of fire, an outdated switchboard increases the risk of injury or death through electric shock.

A switchboard upgrade allows you to make the most of your electrical fittings and appliances

Over the last few decades, people have become increasingly reliant on electrical fittings and appliances. Power demands have more than doubled in the last 30 years. Unfortunately, outdated switchboards cannot cope with modern electrical demands. My Neighbourhood Electrician Sydney can advise you about the switchboard repairs, switchboard installation, or switchboard upgrade you need to make the most of your appliances. A new switchboard prevents voltage spikes that could damage your electrical equipment or cause fuses to trip. Additionally, if you want to install a grid connected solar power system, you may need to upgrade your switchboard.

If your old fuse box is not working properly or has loose fuses, if your lights frequently flicker due to low power supply, or if your circuit breakers keep tripping, contact My Neighbourhood Electrician Sydney for advice, to arrange an electrical home inspection, or to obtain a no-obligation quote for switchboard replacement. Our experienced licenced electricians can help you choose the best switchboard and safety devices for the energy efficient operation of modern appliances.

My Neighbourhood Electrician Sydney offers a switchboard installation, repair, and upgrade service across the Greater Sydney region. Safety is paramount - if you suspect your switchboard is outdated and a fire risk, do not hesitate to contact our Sydney switchboard upgrade service. Our expert certified electricians can provide you with guidance in choosing the best switchboard and safety devices for your home or business. Call us today or use our convenient website contact form to find out how My Neighbourhood Electrician can help you with your switchboard upgrade, switchboard repair, or switchboard installation in Sydney.

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