Every building, whether commercial or residential, should have effective emergency lighting. Legally, you should have emergency lights in your home or business because these lights save lives by activating in emergencies and allowing people in the building to exit safely.

Does Your Building Have Effective Emergency Lights?


My Neighbourhood Electricianemergency lighting services comply with legislative guidelines and recommended quality standards to keep you, your family, your employees, and your customers safe. For more than a decade, our licenced electricians have been installing emergency lighting, testing emergency lighting, and performing emergency lighting maintenance for residential, commercial, and strata clients across Sydney.

At My Neighbourhood Electrician Sydney, we can install or replace automatic emergency lighting or repair faults in older LED emergency light systems. Because we employ only certified electricians, you can rest assured that our installations, repairs, and maintenance comply with legislative guidelines, national safety codes, and building safety codes.

Our emergency lighting maintenance service involves regular lighting system inspections and tests that allow us to perform preventative maintenance before it is too late. In addition, we provide backup services, battery inspection services, and emergency electrical repairs.

My Neighbourhood Electrician Sydney offers emergency lighting services tailored to commercial, domestic, industrial, and institutional buildings. We have kept Sydney residents safe for more than 10 years and our company has an excellent reputation. We focus on delivering outstanding customer service and quality workmanship at affordable rates.

The range of My Neighbourhood Electricianemergency lighting services includes:

  • The installation of illuminated exit signs and lighting units in elevators, emergency exits, staircases, and other specific locations
  • Supplying automatic emergency lights, backup services, and other essential equipment in emergencies
  • Providing backup power for the entire lighting system
  • Regular central backup system inspection
  • Replacing faulty LED emergency lights

Emergency lighting system maintenance is essential to ensure that emergency lights work in a crisis. If you do not have the time to perform routine inspections and tests, use our emergency lighting maintenance service to keep your system in top condition. As part of the maintenance package, a My Neighbourhood Electrician licenced technician checks whether the emergency lights work and whether the power supply system of your building is correctly linked to your backup system.

running-manFrom emergency lighting installation to emergency lighting repair, the My Neighbour Electrician team can help you. Stay on the right side of the law and protect those in your care by ensuring that the emergency lights in your building are working and conform to safety and quality standards. Contact My neighbourhood Electrician Sydney by phone or via our website to learn what we can do to keep you and yours safe. Our rates are reasonable and our service is outstanding.

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