If you want to give your house a new look, replacing the curtains and upholstery, adding a lick of paint,and rearranging the furniture is the easy part. Once your masterpiece is complete, chances are you'll realise that your power points and plug sockets are all in the wrong place, and lights that perfectly illuminated the room are no longer effective. Instead of ruining your hard work with extension cords, use the My Neighbourhood Electrician Sydney power point, dimmer switch, and lighting installation service to change the layout of your power sockets and lighting. In fact, our licenced electricians can assist you with power point installation, power socket installation, dimmer switch installation, and any general lighting installation project wherever you are in Sydney.

We Install Power Points, Dimmer Switches, And Power Sockets

powerpointsMy Neighbourhood Electrician offers home electrical inspection services designed to evaluate the health of your system, identifyelectrical faults, and determine whether the wiring and switchboard need repairs or upgrades. Before changing the lighting or installing power points and power sockets, consider contacting us for a home electricity inspection to ensure that it is safe to add additional load.

If you are confident that your electrical system is up to date, contact My Neighbourhood Electrician Sydney to install power points and power sockets that suit the new layout of your home or provide adequate connections for all your appliances. This eliminates the need for unsightly extension cords running from existing points and creating overloading and trip hazards.

If you want to install dimmer switches, contact us for product and technical advice or for a quote from one of our certified electricians. Dimmer switches allow you to control the lighting levels and ambience in your home or business. Our expert technicians can help you findenergy-saving dimmer switches that reduce your electricity bill while perfectly controlling the lighting type of your choice.

Dimmer switches are similar to power switches, and some allow you to control lighting levels and ceiling fan speeds by turning the dimmer knob to shift the power supply. Modern dimmer switches not only control fan speeds and lighting levels, but also come with pre-set moods and lighting effects. Contact My Neighbourhood Electrician Sydney for guidance when choosing dimmer switches for your home or business.

Our licenced electricians have the knowledge and experience to install lighting and dimmer switches and install or move power points and power sockets in residential, commercial, and strata properties. We provide excellent customer service and guarantee the quality of our work. Phone My Neighbourhood Electrician Sydney today to speak to one of our expert technicians or contact us via our website to learn how we can help you.

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